Chocolate Cake with Thermomix

Are you looking for a Chocolate Cake recipe to prepare with Thermomix? I love this one! I created this recipe to make a little room in my fridge where there still where some Easter Eggs
. I know it’s a little shame, but there still where!

What are Easter Eggs? Sorry... maybe you don't know! In Italy we have this particular tradition to give as a Easter present some big eggs entirely made with chocolate and within a little surprise. It's seems great to tell, I know. And it is great! But the sad truth is that often it happens that you're not eating all those Chocolate Eggs!

So what do you do? You cut them into pieces and put them in the fridge. And how can you can get rid of them? So I thought to use them for a Chocolate Cake! Great, don't you think?

To cook this cake I inspired myself from this recipe by a girl who had my same problem of getting rid of Easter Eggs.

While I was preparing this cake, I was a little sceptical, but then I really had to change my mind! When I offered her a slice of it, my aunt told me: “No, thank you, I’m in a rush because I have to go to school”, but then she looked it well and she told me: “Ok, just a little piece of it because you cooked it” and then she took it twice!


- 250 gr Milk Chocolate (from Easter Eggs)
- 110 gr Butter
- 4 Eggs
- 80 gr Sugar
- 40 gr Potato Flour
- 15 gr Flour 00
- 30 gr Zabov (Zabaglione Liqueur)

How to make Chocolate Cake with Thermomix

Put the butterfly in the mixing bowl and pour egg whites within it. Beat till stiff. 2 Min. 37° Speed 4. Put aside.

Add yolk and sugar. 3 Min. Speed. 3. Put aside.

Remove the butterfly and melt chocolate with butter. 3 Min. 60° Speed. 3.

Add potato flour, flour 00, Zabov and yolks with sugar. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Put the mixture into a cake mould and, with a wood spoon, add white eggs with a soft top to bottom movement.

Bake it. 30 Min. 180° .

My advice

Whit this quantity of Zabov, this cake can easily be eaten by children. For us, the adults, Zabov can be used as a sauce to go with this cake. You can add it following the alcoholic quantity you like or you can take...! What do you think about using Zabov in cakes, besides drinking it in liqueur glasses?