Pear Soufflé with Thermomix

Do you think a soufflé is a too difficult to make dessert? Here you are the recipe for a Pear Soufflé you can prepare with Thermomix!!

It is a recipe created by the famous chef Mark Best but he uses a Thermomix so it can be prepared by us too even if we are amateurs.

This professional chef uses Thermomix. This can be considered a response to all of those ones who think that people who use Thermomix are not very good.

I wanted to add this video as a virtual thought to my friends Giulio and Maddi who are in Australia, the country where this recipe has been created.

I want to be sincere: I spent a lot of time trying to write down all the ingredients, as I'm not a native English speaker.

If you have a better transcription or you find some mistakes, let me know and I'll correct this list!


- 6 Pears Beurre Bosc (Kaiser)
- 50 ml Lemon Juice
- 40 ml Poire William Liqueur
- 40 g Corn Flour
- 120 g White Sugar
- 50 g Water

To serve

- 100 g Pears (what you obtained)
- 4 Egg Whites
- 70 g White Sugar
- 50 g Soft Butter
- White Sugar for the mould