Thermomix White Sauce Recipe

Thermomix White Sauce Recipe

Thermomix White Sauce, also called Béchamel Sauce is usually included in the preparation of complex dishes with the intention of combining the various ingredients. It is also very good to season some particular dishes and garnish some starters.

I read on Giallo Zafferano some interesting facts about its origin: "The inventor of white sauce is the marquee of Nointel, called Louis de Béchamel who was the first to propose it in its recipes in the XVII century. However, the name "béchamel" was given by François Pierre de la Verenne later on, he was the cook of King Louis XIV who inserted it in its recipes book "Le Cuisinier François" in order to honour its inventor.

Nowadays many authoritative chefs agree with the possible Italian origin of White Sauce: it may be derived from Tuscan "salsa colla" (glue sauce) and exported to France by Catherine De Medici."

Having or not having a Thermomix for the preparation of the white sauce really makes the difference!

When I visit my mother-in-law and see she has prepared lots of baking pans of lasagne for the Christmas Eve I always think: "How much time did she take to stir and stir the white sauce inside a pan fearing it could burn?". When I prepare lasagne instead, the white sauce is never a concern of mine: I put all the ingredients in my Thermomix bowl, set the temperature and go doing other thousand things in the meantime. A great difference, isn't it?

This recipe is in the Italian basic cookbook.


6 people serving

- 1000 g Milk
- 100 g Flour
- 50 g Butter
- 1 Tsp Salt
- Nutmeg powder to taste
- Black Pepper powder to taste

How to prepare Thermomix White Sauce Recipe

Put all the ingredients in the bowl. 12 Min. 90°C Speed 4.

How to prepare a very good White Sauce

You can prepare half the amount and cook for half the time. 6-7 Minutes.

You can have a thicker sauce by adding a little more flour; contrariwise if you want a runnier sauce, just add some more milk.

Add more butter if you want a tastier sauce; black pepper and nutmeg are optional but they give a special flavour to your white sauce.

On the website Al Femminile I've found another precious advice: add salt and nutmeg at the end of the cooking, you will avoid seasoning too much or not enough.

White Sauce variants

You can obtain many different variants of White Sauce by substituting the ingredients or varying the quantities.
I found some suggestions on the Italian website Sostando in Cucina: "If you add grated Gruyere cheese or Parmesan cheese and whipped cream to the white sauce, you will have Mornay sauce, which is great with eggs, vegetables and roasted fish. To have anchovy sauce you just need to add some anchovy paste to your white sauce.
Another derived sauce is the Nantua sauce, a little more complicated it requires white sauce, crayfish butter and a drop of Brandy."

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Translated from the Italian recipe
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