Plum Jam with Thermomix

Plum Jam with Thermomix
Preparing plum jam is very easy, you just need to have some time available. To turn off the Thermomix when it's finished, not to keep up with the jam! :-)

It is a jam that you can use in many ways, both on a slice of bread for breakfast or as a snack, and to fill pies, tarts and soft cakes.

This jam is a tradition in our home. In fact, in the countryside, we have several plum trees also of different qualities. The children have fun picking plums. A little, I admit quite a bit, we love to eat them fresh. Some summers, however, the trees are so loaded that making plum jam is a must!

A quick rinse under water because the trees are grown organically, and then off ... to prepare the jam!


- 1000 plums (weight without stone)
- 700 g sugar
- 1 lemon (juice)

Let's cook

Remove the stones from the plums. In the end you need to have 1000 g of plum pulp.

Put the pitted plums in the mixing bowl and blend 15 Sec. Speed 5.

Add the juice of 1 lemon, 700 g sugar and cook 50 Min. 100C Speed 2. If you prefer a thick jam set 50 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 1.

Place the basket on top of the jug to avoid splashing the whole kitchen with jam. :-) Pour the boiling jam into sterilized jars.

Once the jars are closed, place them upside down until they have cooled.

Store the jam in a cool dark place.


For sugar, adjust as you see fit. I put a lot of sugar because my plums were particularly sour and then the sugar allows the jam to keep longer.

As for the cherry jam, I sterilize the jars and their caps by placing them on the grate of the oven at 120 ° for 20 Min. Or passing them with grappa or rum with a high alcohol content. I also sterilize by boiling jars in boiling water for 30 Min. The caps, however, for 10 Min.

Translated from the Marmellata di Prugne col Bimby
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