Plum Jam with Thermomix

Making Plum Jam with Thermomix is very simple. You just need some free time. To say the truth, your Thermomix works while you do your own things.


- 1 kg of pitted Plums
- 700 g of Sugar
- 1 Lemon Juice (80 g)

How to Prepare Plum Jam

Pit plums. You may have 1 kg of plum pulp. Put it in your Thermomix mixing bowl. 15 Sec. Speed 5.

Add lemon juice and sugar. I added more sugar because my plums were pretty much sour and moreover, sugar helps jam stay for a longer time. 50 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

If you want a thicker jam, 50 Min. Varoma Speed 1.

Pour boiling jam in sterilized glass containers. Once you close the containers, put them upside-down until cooled.

Let your jam stay in a fresh and dark place.

My Advice

As in the Cherry Jam recipe, I usually sterilize containers and their caps by placing them on an oven grate for about 20 Min. 120°C, or with grappa or with a high-alcohol content rum.

Translated from the Italian recipe: Marmellata di Prugne col Bimby