Error 52 Thermomix TM31: What it Means and How to Solve It

Here we are again: my Thermomix stopped for the nth time, Error 52!

But what does Error 52 mean and how can you solve it?

After my scales and my sealing ring breaking now my Thermomix does not go further than Speed 6 and displays Error 52.

I've immediately searched on the internet and look what I've found out on the vorwerk official website: "The instructions manual reports Error 52 can be reset by turning the speed selector to open lid symbol and then to closed lid don't need to call the customer service."

I've followed the instructions but....nothing happened.

I brought my beloved Thermomix to the customer service. The result? More than 143 €....They had do substitute the entire mixing bowl........

In short there was an anomaly in the bowl. Because of WEAR the mixing knife sealing ring did not close perfectly anymore. Probably some liquid came out of the bowl and cause a short circuit of the electronic card.

My big mistake has been not to bring Thermomix to the costumer service immediately when I've noticed some liquid was going out from the bottom while I was cooking (tomato sauce for example). So the situation got worse and worse :-(

Or maybe when I washed my Thermomix I did not dry it very well the bottom part of it, where the contact pins are, and this was the cause of the short circuit. This second option is absolutely impossible in my case because I spend hours at drying it with a cloth. It is a nightmare. The only possible solution may be to dry it with and hairdryer :-)

In this period I had to face some expenses for electronic appliances: I paid 90 € for the washing machine because as the technician said, it was a WEAR problem (again), too many washings, and this kind of problem is not comprehended in the warranty period....:-))))

Anyway, has ERROR 52 ever happened to you? How did you solve it? Tell me everything and I'll add your precious suggestions to this post!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Errore 52 Bimby Tm31: Cosa Significa e Come Fare