Who is Flavia and Why She Has Created Thermomix Recipes

Are you wondering who this lady is?

Well, it's me!

My name is Flavia, a happy wife and mother of four.

I'm a great lover of traditional Italian cuisine, like many other women I work with.

Working as a freelance gives me the chance to manage my own time and be flexible, and I try to stay at home with my family as much as I can. Although I love my job very much, what truly fulfills my life is, of course, my family.

My choice of lifestyle is accomplished in the kitchen, where I enjoy preparing homemade food for my loved ones, and for friends who often fill our home.

Why do I love cooking?

My passion for cooking began when, as a child with no appetite, I finally started to discover the taste of food, searching for the mysterious flavour hidden in each dish.

And so, since I was a little girl, I have been collecting all sorts of recipes in a sort of book (a journal with culinary patterns on the hardcover and the corners trimmed with fabric) handmade by a craftsman from Rome.

My book of recipes has that "once upon a time" taste; with the pages being slightly yellowed and entirely written by hand, it's the perfect instrument to pass on the wisdom from grannies to grandchildren.

On each recipe I've also written the name of the person who gave it to me. It is a way not to forget who has been so generous to share with me the "secret" of the recipe.

And this is exactly the spirit with which I wish to pass on my recipes to others.

How was Thermomix Recipes born?

The idea for this site came up during a dinner, of course.

The occasion was special: that night my dearest friend Maddy introduced to me and my husband her fiancé, Giulio.

Between bites of a Neapolitan Pizza and a taste of pickled eggplants (rigorously prepared by me with my Thermomix), we got to know each other better and better and, while talking about my family, I mentioned what a precious daily contribution Thermomix gives to us.

I also explained how Thermomix allows me to cook delicious meals for my husband, genuine dishes for my little ones and dinner parties for family and friends. All seasoned with a hint of originality!

And I can do all of this and keep working!

After having listened to me praising my Thermomix all night, upon leaving our house Giulio told me "Why don't you start a Thermomix recipe website?".

And so... here I am!

My contacts

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