Flavia Thermomix Recipes

Flavia Thermomix Recipes
Are you wondering who this lady is?

Well, it's me!

My name is Flavia and I am a happy wife and #mumofseven.

No, the children are not all mine ... obviously they are also my husband's!

Yes, I don't watch television, but I really like technology and I also use it in the kitchen. For years I have been a huge fan of the legendary Thermomix (or Bimby as we call in Italy) which allows me to do many other things while I cook.

In fact, life today is more and more hectic and we wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, workers (inside and outside the home) run continuously and cannot find time to do everything.

The Thermomix is ​​not magical, it does not do everything, it is not that you throw everything in and you run away, as many say to me by teasing me a little. However, it allows me to prepare many dishes even a little elaborate in a short time and with much less soiling.

Thanks to the legendary Thermomix, I can cook an infinite number of delicious recipes that allow me to vary the nutrition of my family.

In the kitchen I indulge myself and preparing many good things I can pass on my love to my loved ones. So while I set the timer I can do other things, like being with my children and my husband. Nice advantage right?

ORGANIC for love
Thanks to my husband's passion for the land, which taught me a lot, the products I choose for my recipes are always oriented towards quality.

This means that I select a lot what I eat: I buy from direct growers, I mostly choose organic products, and I often buy directly from the companies.

We all pay close attention to what we wear but what we put inside our body is even more important! This is real savings!

Why am I passionate about cooking?
My passion for cooking was born when, as an inappetent child, I had the desire to discover the taste of food. Go in search of the arcane flavor hidden in each dish. And so, from an early age, I began to collect recipes of all kinds in a sort of booklet. A notebook (of those with a hard cover with culinary motifs and cloth edged corners), handmade by a Roman craftsman.

My recipe book has the flavor of the things of the past, with slightly yellowed pages and handwritten recipes, to pass on the grandmother's wisdom to her grandchildren. On each recipe I also always write who gave it to me. It is a way not to forget those who have been so generous that they want to pass on the secret of their recipes to me. And this is the spirit with which I leave my recipes to you.

My contacts

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