Thermomix Apple Crumble Recipe

Thermomix Apple Crumble Recipe
This all-time favourite makes the whole family happy: Thermomix Apple Crumble is so easy to prepare that you can even get the kids involved, and it will certainly put a smile on dad's face!

And who doesn't like apple crumble? Being such a traditional dessert, I find it perfect to serve to guests, especially when I invite new friends over and I'm not sure about what they do or don't like.

Actually, many different kinds of fruit can be substituted for apples, and you can base your choice on whatever's in season, like peaches, plums and berries in the summer or pears in the autumn.

Sometimes, I like to sprinkle berries on the top of my apples to make it more interesting, but something you really want to do, is serve your Thermomix Apple Crumble with Thermomix Custard or Thermomix Vanilla Ice-Cream.


For the apple filling
- 5 apples
- 1 organic lemon (juice and zest)
- 100 g sugar
- 30 g water
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract
- 1 tsp of cinnamon powder

For the crumble
- 150 g flour
- 30 g sugar
- 80 g cold butter (chopped)
- a pinch of cinnamon powder
- 40 g almonds (chopped)

Let's cook

Prepare the apple filling.

Peel 5 apples and cut into small pieces.

Put them in a bowl, sprinkle with the juice of a lemon and put aside.

Place in the mixing bowl 20 g sugar and the lemon zest and mix 10 Sec. Speed 10. Put aside.

Place in the mixing bowl 80 g sugar and 30 g water and melt 5 Min. Varoma Speed 2.

Add half of the apples, a tsp of vanilla extract, a tsp of cinnamon powder and blend 1 Min. Speed 4.

Add the rest of the apples, the lemon zest mixed with sugar and mix 20 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and set aside.

Prepare the crumble.

Put 150 g flour, 30 g sugar, 80 g cold butter (chopped), a pinch of cinnamon powder in the mixing bowl and work 20 Sec. Speed 4.

Add 40 g almonds (chopped) and work for 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Combine half the dough for the crumble with the apple mixture and mix with your spatula. Pour the mixture into a baking tin (22 cm) previously greased.

Cover the mixture with the remaining crumble mixture.

Bake in the oven 20 Min. 180C until lightly browned.

Serve warm apple.

My Advice

Thermomix Apple Crumble also works well without the flour, try it for a lighter option.

You can replace the chopped almonds with another type of dried fruit to taste, like walnuts and pecans.

The best apples for this recipe are sweet and not too floury apples, such as red delicious or golden.

You can keep the apple crumble in an airtight container and heat it for a few seconds in the microwave before serving.

You can use brown sugar.

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