Thermomix Custard Recipe

Thermomix Custard recipe is really special, and it never separates!
Here you are the recipe as you can read it on the Thermomix basic cookbook plus some variations: if you want it more dense ( add potato starch) or more velvety (add wheat starch). You can use fructose instead of white sugar, but you must reduce the quantity, for fructose sweetens more.


- 500 g of Full Cream Milk
- 100 g of White Sugar ( or 35 g of Fructose)
- 2 Eggs
- 50 g of Flour ( or Potato Starch or Wheat Starch)
- 1 Untreated Lemon Peel ( or 1 small bag of Vanillin)

How to Prepare Thermomix Custard

Put the lemon peel and the sugar in the mixing bowl. 20 Sec. Speed 7

Add the other ingredients. 7 Min. 90°C Speed 4

My Advice

If you can't take gluten take a look at this recipe : Gluten-Free Thermomix Custard

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Crema Bimby