Thermomix Apple Juice

Thermomix Apple Juice

Simply delicious, the apple juice with the Thermomix can be made at home and in no time! Just enough time to rinse the apples and the Thermomix does the rest, pulling a delicious nectar out of the fruit.

Apple juice reminds me so much of my childhood. I drank liters and liters of it when I spent my summers in Austria. There, apple juice is a tradition, and is drunk - a bit like peach juice here - on every occasion.

The industrial juice is more transparent than the one I made myself, but the consistency is identical. It is not full-bodied like peach juice, there is no apple pulp inside, but it is only the apple juice that is filtered through the cloth.

The pulp that remains in the towel at the end can be used for other preparations: you can add it to your desserts, or you can prepare the apple homogenate (adding more water, however). In short, nothing is thrown away :-)

This, of course, is the recipe for doing it with the Thermomix. If you have an extractor you can easily make it like this, otherwise with the Thermomix it is still very good!

I recommend you try this Thermomix apple juice and, if you want, let me know what you think below in the comments or on Facebook ;-)


(1 litre)
- About 2 kg apples to have 1600 g clean to use
- 2 small lemons (or one large lemon)
- 40 g sugar

Let's cook

Cut about 2 kg of apples, quarter them and core but leave the skin. In the end you must have 1600 g of apples.

Put 800 g apples and the juice of a small lemon (or half a lemon) in the mixing bowl and chop first 10 Sec. Speed 4, then 30 Sec. Speed 8. Set aside.

Put the remaining 800 apples and the juice of a small lemon (or half a lemon) in the mixing bowl and chop first 10 Sec. Speed 4, then 30 Sec. Speed 8. Set aside with the other chopped apples.

Place the Varoma on top of the mixing bowl.

Put a clean tea towel in the Varoma and pour the apple pulp over it. Close the tea towel by squeezing very hard so that the apple juice flows into the mixing bowl.

Add 40 g of sugar to the apple juice and cook 14 Min. 80C Speed 2.

Wait for the juice to cool in the mixing bowl and then pour into bottles and refrigerate.

Consume within 2 days.


You can not add sugar or use brown sugar if you prefer.

You can use whatever apple variety you like. I have mixed many varieties!

You can keep it for a long time by pouring the hot juice into sterilized bottles and with new caps and then boiling the bottles. Thus activating the pasteurization process.

Translated from the Succo di mela
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