How to grind coffee with Thermomix


Did you know that with the Thermomix you can get a good ground coffee? Here's how to grind coffee with the Thermomix ;-)

Coffee is a pleasure, no doubt about it. That scent of freshly brewed coffee that wakes you up in the morning, that steaming and creamy cup served at the end of a meal or enjoyed in the middle of the day with friends ... how can you do without it?

I don't drink much of it and take it in moderation, but I like it good and well done.

I buy the coffee in beans at the roasting and then grind it with the Thermomix. I'll tell you right away that grinding it for the mocha is easier, while if you use an espresso machine, finding the right degree of grinding requires testing.

Good baristas always apply a rule, the 25-second rule: in 25 seconds (22-28 seconds) the machine must deliver 25 ml of coffee. If it is ground too finely, the coffee comes out with difficulty and has a bitter taste; if the powder is too coarse, the coffee will pass quickly and will be watery. In this case you just need to decrease or increase the processing times in the Thermomix. :-)

In any case, put the Thermomix to work and get your coffee powder :-D

The difference between coffee with mocha and espresso coffee

In Italy we have two different ways to prepare coffee: coffee with mocha and espresso. But what is the difference between these two systems.

Coffee with mocha is the traditional one, which our grandmothers also used. To prepare it we use the classic aluminum “coffee maker”. The most famous is that of Bialetti, but there are also many other versions.

Espresso coffee is the one prepared mainly at the bar, with the professional machine and which forms the cream on top. Today, however, we can also enjoy it at home, preparing it with very good and not too expensive semi-professional machines. For years George Clooney was the historic brand ambassador in the advertising campaigns of a famous brand, Nespresso. Was this advertisement displayed also in your country? >


-250 g of coffee beans

Let's cook

Ground coffee for moka: put 250 g of coffee beans in the Thermomix and pulverize 1 Min. Speed 9.

Ground coffee for espresso: put 250 g of coffee beans in the Thermomix and pulverize 50 Sec. 9. Check the degree of grinding and if necessary continue for a few seconds.


If you want to grind a smaller amount of coffee (I suggest not under 100g), reduce the processing time, but not the speed.

Did you know that? Coffee at the bar is always served in a hot cup :-)

Translated from the Caffé macinato Bimby
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