Apricot Jam with Thermomix

Apricot Jam with Thermomix

It's apricot seasonal time (well, in Italy!), is there anything better than making some preserves for the winter and preparing some apricot jam?

Yesterday morning I went to the market and I saw them: beautiful, firm, roundish, perfectly orange (not that very light orange, pallid), no small black spots on the surface. My trustworthy greengrocer immediately understood my wish and strengthened it by telling those apricots come from his personal tree, he personally cares for it and doesn't add anything chemical etc... I was already convinced, so I didn't listen to him so much.

10 kg, that's all. I have car to carry them :-).

That's right but you need a lot of time to eat 10 kg of apricots, even if very good ones. So let's start with winter stocks: a very good apricot jam.

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With apricots left over (a small amount, I must admit!) I prepared the Apricot Fruit Juice. But this one won't last for a long time....

Apricot Jam - Ingredients

- 1 kg apricots
- 500 g sugar
- 1 organic lemon (peel and juice)

Let's cook

Wash 1 kg apricots very well and stone them.

Put apricots into the mixing bowl.

Pell an organic lemon.

Add 500 g sugar, the lemon peel and the lemon juice. Cook 40 Min. 100C Speed 2.

Let the jam thicken by cooking 10 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 2.

Mix 30 Sec. Speed 4-5.

Remove it from the mixing bowl and let set for 5 Min.

Then while it is still hot, pour it in sterilized glass jars, close with lids, put upside down and let them get cold in this position, it will create a natural vacuum.


To have a special jam to use as filling for tarts and cakes you can add 100 g pistachios boiled for a few minutes in hot water (and peeled) 15 Min. before ending the jam cooking.

To sterilize glass jars follow these steps:
Wash them accurately (lids too) and put them inside a big pan full of water. Let boil for 10 Min..

Remove them from the pan using a carving fork and place them upside down on a clean cloth. A few minutes later turn them again to let the inside dry very well. When jam is ready go on with the recipe as described above.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Marmellata di Albicocche Bimby
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