Sicilian Cannoli with Thermomix

Sicilian Cannoli with Thermomix

Sicilian Cannoli seems to you one of the hardest recipes? With Thermiomix everything becomes easier!

During last Christmas holidays, I felt like cooking Sicilian cannoli watching an Italian movie Io e Marilyn.

The main character's name is Gualtiero Marchesi (like one of the most famous Italian chef) and he spends his days in the swimming pools he cleans, in the circus where his ex-wife, her new boyfriend and her daughter work and in the his friends confectioner’s. This confectioner’s name is "Boutique del Cannolo Gioioso" that means "Joyful cannolo boutique" and they prepare cannoli which look very tasty.

Io do really love Sicilian recipes! Like Peperonata (a dish with peppers and tomatoes) or Aubergines in oil or Parmigiana Aubergine. So how couldn't I prepare Sicilian cannoli too?

This is how I did.


For the Wafer 
- 150 g Flour 
- 10 g Lard 
- 10 g Sugar 
- 80 g Red Wine (Marsala or Porto) 
- 1 Pinch Salt 
- Olive Oil to fry 

 For the Filling 
- Thermomix Custard or 
- Ricotta (preferably of Sheep) 
- Dark Chocolate Drops as required 

 To garnish 
- Icing Sugar as required

How to prepare Sicilian Cannoli

Put all the ingredients for the wafers in the mixing bowl and mix. 30 Sec. Speed 6

Put the dough on the table and roll it out in a thin sheet. 
Cut the sheet in order to obtain some small squares and roll them on the proper aluminium cylinders. 

Then, wet the closing of the cannoli, where the two corners touch each other, making them stick very well in order that the cannoli will not open. 

Fry the cannoli in plenty of hot oil, then leave them cool on blotting paper. 

When they are cold, you can remove the cylinders and put the filling within them. 

For the filling, you can use Thermomix Custard or mix ricotta with dark chocolate drops. 

Put the filling in the Cannoli and dust with Icing Sugar. 

Serve them. You will cut a wonderful figure! :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
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