Sicilian Cannoli with Thermomix

Sicilian Cannoli with Thermomix

A typical Italian dessert are Sicilian cannoli!

Those delicious sweets, with a crunchy wafer on the outside and a sweet cream inside.

As all regional recipes, also for Sicilian cannoli there are versions that vary from family to family. Everyone has their secret to prepare them. :-)

I put some red wine called Marsala in the dough. Others, however, add cocoa, coffee or cinnamon!

The cream, with which the Sicilian cannoli are stuffed, is based on sheep's ricotta and sugar. Almost everyone enriches it with dark chocolate chips. For the garnish you can choose simple icing sugar or you can add chopped pistachios or candied fruit.

Have you been to Italy and have you tasted them? here with this recipe you don't need to come to Italy or go to some expensive Italian restaurant ... just start your Thermomix!


(15 pieces)
For the waffles
- 150 g white flour
- 80 g red wine (Marsala or Porto)
- 10 g lard (or unsalted butter)
- 10 g caster sugar
- A pinch of salt

For the stuffing
- 400 g sheep's ricotta
- 30 g caster sugar
- 50 g chocolate chips
- pistachios to taste
- peanut oil to fry
- icing sugar to taste

Let's cook

Put 150 g white flour, 80 g red wine, 10 g lard (or unsalted butter), 10 g caster sugar, a pinch of salt in the mixing bowl and mix 30 Sec. Speed 6.

Give the dough a ball shape and wrap it in plastic wrap. Leave the dough to rest in the refrigerator 30 Min.

At the end, put the dough on the table and roll it out to obtain a thin sheet of 1 mm.

Cut the dough with a 9 cm diameter pastry ring and wrap around the appropriate aluminum cylinders and weld the pasta by passing a dampened fingertip on one of the two edges.

Fry the cannoli in plenty of boiling peanut oil, leaving it to drain on absorbent paper.

Once cooled, remove the cylinders and insert the filling.

Put the butterfly whisk in the mixing bowl, add 400 g sheep's ricotta, 30 g caster sugar and mix 4 Sec. Speed 3.

Transfer to a bowl and with a spatula add gently 50 g of dark chocolate chips.

Insert the filling into the cannolo just before serving, decorate with a pistachio at each end and sprinkle with icing sugar.

You will see what a great success! :-)

Translated from the Cannoli Siciliani
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