Chocolate Peach Cake with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a delicious chocolate peach cake? You can try this yummy summer recipe during winter too, using peaches in syrup.

During summer you find different peach varieties, just choose those ones with the flavor you prefer that you would like to give to your sweet. Cocoa powder will make this cake a real delicacy. It is a "egg whites only" recipe that helps you recuperate those parts of eggs you discarded during other preparations with only yolks involved.

Peach and cocoa powder (or chocolate) combining, reminds me of my friend Marion's chocolate fondue with seasonal fruit. Marion is a friend of mine, I met her during a school trip.

As an Italian, I turned my nose up at this combining, but I had to change my mind: it is a mouth-watering dainty!!! :-P

From that day I started loving these kind of recipes, like Sacher-Torte too.

The recipe has been created by Chiara Epifanio from Tropea (VV) who has already contributed to this website with the Chocolate Soufflé and Philadelphia and Lemon Cheese Cake recipes. As Chiara writes, it is a "made by chance recipe. I had some white eggs to be consumed, but I wanted to make something I mixed what I had with peaches....The result was fine. Maybe you can serve it with ice cream...".

I liked this recipe so much because it helps you recuperate all the remaining ingredients such as egg whites, and because you can make it in every season thanks to a magic storeroom that gives you summer products by means of food preserved with sugar, oil and salt.

If you need to recuperate your remaining egg-whites, take a look at these recipes: White Cake with Egg Whites, Meringues, Lemon Cake and Lingue di Gatto (Italian buttery cookies shaped like cat's tongue).

While with peaches you can make Peach and Yogurt Cake, Peach Juice and Fruit Bavarois.


- 400 g of Flour
- 400 g of Sugar
- 5 White Eggs
- 1 Baking Powder sachet
- 4 Spoon of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
- 1 Glass of Milk (or your favorite liqueur)
- 200 g of Butter or Margarine
- Peaches ( Fresh or In Syrup as much as needed)

How to prepare Chocolate Peach Cake

Peel peaches and cut them into pieces.

Whip white eggs with sugar in the mixing bowl. Speed 4/5 until they are frothy enough.

Add flour, baking powder, melt butter, milk (or liqueur) and cocoa powder. 1 Min. Speed 4/5.

Add cutted peaches and mix. Speed Counter Clockwise.

Butter a baking pan and pour the mixture in it.

Bake for 50-60 Min. 180°C.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Torta Pesche e Cioccolato Bimby