Ginger Marmalade: Thermomix Recipe

Ginger Marmelade: Thermomix Recipe

On your morning toast or on your Thermomix Pancakes, Ginger Marmalade is a great addition to the breakfast table, although it also goes very well with savoury main courses like lamb, ham or roast chicken.

The first time I had Ginger Marmalade it was when a friend of mine came back from the States and brought some with her, together with peanut butter, pancake mixture and other things that can't be found in Italy (or couldn't at that time). I remember I was kind of sceptical at first, but my eldest daughter - who is much braver than me - tried it and loved it! The other day ginger marmalade came up in a conversation and my daughter suggested I try and make it in the Thermie. I made a few phone calls to gather a list of ingredients and measurements and it seemed like every household has its own recipe for it, so here's mine: a mixture of all the best ideas I put together ;-)

I hope you like it. Let me know if you have suggestions to improve it, or different recipes you'd like to see published.

You can use ginger marmalade in a number of recipes to craft great homemade gifts! Here are some ideas: make a beautiful Italian Crostata (Jam Tart), delicious Jam Cookies or Dairy-free Jam Cookies, or fill your Thermomix Doughnuts with it.


- 500 g fresh root ginger
- 1 apple
- 50 g lemon juice
- 250 g brown sugar

Let's cook

Peel and roughly chop 500 g fresh root ginger and but it in the mixing bowl.

Peeled and quart 1 apple and add it in the mixing bowl.

Grate ginger and apple 20 Sec. Speed 9. Scrape down sides with spatula.

Add 50 g lemon juice and 250 g brown sugar and cook 40 Min. 100C Speed 2 with simmering basket upside down on the bowl, to avoid splashes.

If you want a thicker jam, give it a few more minutes on Varoma Temp.


The apple can be replaced by a pear, or even a lemon if you like it.

Some friends suggest to eat it on toast for nausea during pregnancy :-)

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