Pancakes with Thermomix

Pancakes with Thermomix

How about a breakfast of American pancakes? Here is the Thermomix pancake recipe, to prepare a truly special breakfast with only fresh and healthy ingredients!

This recipe allows you preparing a yummy breakfast without using any kind of ready-made mixtures but selecting all the ingredients by yourself.

The trick of the quick recipe, however, is in the smooth but aerated dough that is obtained with the Thermomix and in the yeast, which makes them swell, giving the pancakes their typical shape and such a spongy and soft consistency ...
In fact, the dough may seem similar to that of crepes, but the balance is different!

I think preparing on Saturday and Sunday morning is quite funny. It reminds me of an "American movie". Often in movies you can see the American family that stands around the kitchen table and gorge themselves on pancakes sprinkled with maple syrup. They represent relax, break, a family moment where you stand all together around the kitchen table, with pyjamas on, without any hurry because there's no school or work.

Pancakes are good in many ways, even alone or simply sprinkled with icing sugar. My little daughters love them with cherry jam or the classic nutella.

For maple syrup, I recommend reading the labels carefully and not buying those things like "pancake syrup", because it can also be molasses ... Choose real maple syrup instead!

Pancake ingredients 

(15 pieces)
- 25 g unsalted butter + to taste for the cooking
- 300 g whole milk
- 1 egg
- 50 g sugar
- 220 g plain flour
- 8 g baking powder

Let's cook fluffy pancakes!

Put 25 g butter in the mixing bowl and melt 1 Min. 70C Speed 1.

Add 300 g whole milk, 1 egg, 50 g sugar, 220 g whole flour and 8 g baking powder and mix 10 Sec. Speed 6.

Heat a smooth plate or non-stick pan.

Pour a little of the dough with a ladle forming disks of about 8-10 cm.

Cook the pancakes 1 Min. per side. The dough must make bubbles.

Repeat the operation until the end of the dough.


Pancakes are good in a thousand ways, even on their own, simply sprinkled with powdered sugar. My girls love them with cherry jam or with classic Nutella, I also recommend them with raspberry jam and, in general, with that of all red fruits.

To "guess" the right cooking time, look at the surface of the pancakes. When they "bubble up", you can turn them over. Then wait a few moments and they are ready.

If you want, you can also chop an apple A few Sec. Speed 7 before adding the rest as per recipe.

Translated from the Pancakes Bimby
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