Thermomix Nutella Recipe

Thermomix Nutella Recipe
I do really love Nutella! Here you'll find my best Thermomix Nutella Recipe!

When your a little sad, or simply tired, take a spoon, put it in your Nutella vase and enjoy! :-)

My favourite Nutella recipe is this one. Try it and let me know. If you like to try different Nutella recipes, have look here: Nutella Spread With Thermomix: All the Recipe to Prepare it.


- 100 g Dark Chocolate
- 100 g White Chocolate
- 50 g Butter
- 80 g Milk
- 60 g Roasted Hazelnuts (peeled)
- 80 g Sugar

How to prepare the Nutella with Thermomix

Put sugar and hazelnuts in the bowl and pulverise. 30 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add chocolate. 20 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add milk and butter. 5 Min. 50°C Speed 4.

Pour in a jar, let get cold and close hermetically. Then keep refrigerated.

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