Jam Tart with Thermomix

Jam Tart with Thermomix

Jam Tart is a classic, but always appetizing cake. With Thermonix, this recipe is fast and you will be able to take out of your oven a jam tart for every occasion, both as breakfast and after meal cake.

If you like tarts, you can give an eye to the Ricotta and Custer Tart with Chocolate, that I called Valeria Tart.

For the filling you can try this wonderful Cherry Jam. I prepare it with Thermomix!


- 5 Eggs
- 250 g Butter
- 250 g Sugar
- 500 g Flour
- Jam as required

How to prepare

Prepare the short pastry.

Put the egg yolks, the softened butter, sugar and flour. 3 Min. Dough Mode. You can increase or reduce the time depending on butter softness. The final result must be dense.

Form a ball with the pastry. Put it in a tea cloth and in the fridge for 15 Min.

Then cut 1/4 of the pastry and put it aside to make the strips. Form a ball again with the rest of the pastry and roll it out with the rolling pin on oven paper.

Put the pastry disc with oven paper in a baking-pan smaller than the disk, in order to form the tart edge.

Spread on it the jam you prefer. For instance, you can use cherry jam or plum jam.

Form some little rolls with the pastry you put aside. Press them a little bit in order to form some strips.

Cross the strips of short pastry on the cake.

Fold up the edge of the tart towards the inside.

Put the jam tart into the oven. 40 Min. 220°.

My advice

With the egg whites left, you can prepare some delicious, mouthwatering Finger Biscuits!

Translated from the Italian recipe
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