Yeasted Donut Dough With Icing Sugar: Thermomix Recipe

Yeasted Donut Dough With Icing Sugar: Thermomix Recipe
The Yeasted Dough Donut With Icing Sugar are really delicious. Small balls and cakes can be enjoyed whenever you want.

I got the recipe from the book "Keeping it Simple" of Tenina and thank you very much for allowing me to share with you a brand new recipe! Tenina tells in his book that it's a recipe that was given by his Australian friends of Dutch origin. I always say that the best friends are those with whom you share the family recipes :-)

I must confess that, just after the first bite, I immediately felt in love with this recipe! These donuts are simple to prepare and you really need just few simple ingredients. So, whenever you feel like dessert, you can prepare this recipe in a short time. ;-)

I made some changes to Tenina's recipe, according to my taste. But you'll find original recipe at Tenina's blog.


- 2 eggs
- 15 g fresh yeast
- 1 tsp sugar
- 250 g milk
- 60 g unsalted butter
- 1 tsp salt
- 600 g plain flour
- extra virgin olive oil for frying

How to prepare Yeasted Donut Dough With Icing Sugar

Place 15 g fresh yeast, 1 tsp sugar and 250 g milk into mixing bowl and warm. 2 Min. 37C Speed 2.

Add 2 eggs and 60 g unsalted butter and mix 1 Min. Speed 3

Add 1 tsp salt and 600 g plain flour and mix. 30 Sec. Speed 6.

Knead. 3 Min. Dough mode .

Form into a tight ball and put it in a bowl.

Wrap and leave out of fridge to rise.

Proceed with recipe once dough has doubled.

Roll dough out into large rectangle around the thickness of your finger. Cut into round shapes for sweet donuts.

Heat oil to 165-170° and fry 1 or 2 a time until golden on all sides. Drain on paper towels.

Dust with icing sugar.

My Advice

You can just eat the Yeasted Donut Dough With Icing Sugar fries, hot hot, with a cup of hot chocolate, or with whipped cream.

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