Whipped Cream Thermomix How to Whip Cream for Cakes

Whipped Cream Thermomix How to Whip Cream for Cakes

With Thermomix you can obtain a whipped cream which stays soft and close. You only have to pay a little attention.

Considering many cakes need whipped cream, I thought to write a special post for it. With Thermomix you can whip cream perfectly, but if you don’t take some “precautions”, probably you will not obtain the hoped result ;-). They are little and invaluable advises that will avoid your Thermomix to change from being your ally into your enemy...

Perhaps it happened to you too. Can you add some more advises? Write them to me in the comments and I will add them willingly!


- Liquid Cream (250 or 500 g)

How to Whip Cream with Thermomix

Set the butterfly on the blades and add liquid cream. Speed 3.

Time can change. You have to check cream density from the hole. 1, 2 Min. or a little more. You have to do it by sight!

My advises

In order to make cream become soft, to avoid it to melt or become butter (like it happened to me...) you have to take these precautions:

1) Cream must be cold from the fridge.

2) Cool the mixing bowl too in the fridge.
You also can chop some ice before using it....

3) Check cream while whipping, never exceeding Speed 3.

4) You can substitute milk cream with vegetable cream, but not with long-life cream.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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