Thermomix Scales is Broken

Did it ever happen to you that the scales of your Thermomix was broken? That while you’re weighting the ingredients of a recipe, the scales suddenly goes off its head?

It did to me! Two years and a week after I bought it. That is when warranty was just expired... what a luck! :-((((

But even last week, my scales didn’t work anymore! Obviously, it was a tragedy for me. The other time had been a frenzy. I had completely substituted the scales and it still didn’t work.

The technician checked again (I don’t know what) and the scales started working again.

That time, I had to stay without Thermomix for a lot of time and, moreover, it was a big effort, because I had to bring and take my Thermomix (which is not so light) from my house to the shop and back lots of times.

What happened this time?

I decided to write this post to enumerate the possible mistakes you and I can avoid to prevent the scale to break!

Why Thermomix scales doesn’t work?


Unfortunately, I live near an enormous aerial and I thought it could interfere with the scales. The technician told me that the tm 31 model is shielded and, for that reason, it doesn’t suffer aerials.

But I still have some doubts about it.As for tm 21, I believe that it is not shielded.


If the mixing bowl is wet in its lower part, it could give problems to the scales. For this reason, it’s important to dry it perfectly every time.

Microwaves oven?

Here it is what happened to me. I changed the place of my Thermomix putting it near the microwaves oven. Actually, after a short time, the scales went off its head.

The technician explained to me that, when one switches on the microwaves oven and it makes that sound “wwwwwww” , it can interfere with Thermomix scales.

So, this time, I was luck. I only had to move my Thermomix to make the scales work well again! :-))))

And you, did something similar happened to you too? Tell me, it can be useful to everybody!

Here they are other invaluable suggestions Tizy gave to me:

Sudden changes of current?

In Italy, many problems of scales depend on sudden changes of current.

Where is placed you Thermomix?

You have to check that the appliance is placed on a stable and above all CLEAN surface! Many people use to put it on a mat. Don’t do it!

Thermomix scales is in the suckers below, so you have to clean them very often (sometimes few crumbs can do the difference!!).

Then you have to check that the mixing bowl is well placed and that there isn’t anything that touches the appliance. Before weighting, press again the scales button.

Special ingredients?

Some ingredients, like different kinds of flours, cereals, legumes, nuts etc., when they are packed they still contain some humidity, then little by little they dry and so their weight changes.

For this reason, when we weight them, there is almost always a difference of 20-30 g.

The Wire?

Yle advises of drawing out all the wire of Thermomix. It seems that even that can give problems to the scales.

These are Giulia’s advises:

Where and how to weight?

Thermomix scales is an electronic and high precision scales, if one takes some precautions there will not be any problem:

- Thermomix must be placed on a stable surface

- while weighting you mustn’t touch the appliance

- food must be put in the mixing bowl slowly and not all at once

- scales weights up to 2 kg or 2 l.

Cetty’s advises:
After having washed the mixing bowl, make it dry upside down in a right position, so that water doesn’t go in the engine!

Translated from the Italian recipe:
La Bilancia del Bimby è Rotta