Cappuccino Smoothie Frothy Coffee Thermomix

Did you like my Coffee Granita? Now it's time to try this Cappuccino Smoothie made in your Thermomix!

Like Granita, this can make a great dessert! A cappuccino smoothie is smooth, frothy and delicious!

This recipe was sent by Anna from Rome. She writes: "The recipe was created by my aunt from Bari (Southern Italy). It's very easy and quick, anyone can do it".

For this recipe you can use moca coffee (made in stove-top machine) or plunger cofee. Nescafè or similar freeze-dried soluble coffee will also work.

Let me know if you make any great changes to this recipe, especially by using a different kinds of coffee!


- 400 gr of Ice Cubes
- 1/2 measuring cup of your favourite coffee
- 1 measuring cup of Milk
- Sugar to taste

Let's make our Cappuccino Smoothie Frothy Coffee

Put coffee and sugar in the mixing bowl. Grind 5 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add the ice cubes and the milk. Blend 5 Min. Speed 5.

Anna's advice

Once you prepared your smoothie, you can serve it in a tall glass and add whip cream.

Rosangela Lazzaro's advice

If you add frozen milk, it will come out even frothier :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Spumone al Caffè Bimby