Milk-Free Hot Chocolate with Thermomix

Do you remember the delicious Hot Chocolate mix recipe to do with Thermomix?

Now you can taste a Hot Chocolate cup even if you can't take milk. This suggestion comes from Stella.


Read what Stella wrote:

"Dear Flavia,
I'm lactose and milk protein intolerant, I replaced milk with water and I made a very thick and tasty chocolate!

If you add water, you should use Thermomix as it is better than a pan because this mix can easily go lumpy.

You could also replace cow's milk with soy milk but it may alterate chocolate savour.



So, let's sum up:

Mix Ingredients

(about 12 cups)

- 200 g of 55%-65% Dark Chocolate
- 150 g of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
- 70 g of Brown Sugar
- 160 g of White Sugar
- 250 g of Potato Starch
- 1 tbs of Cinnamon

Ingredients for a Cup

- 180 g of Water or Soy Milk

How to prepare Hot Chocolate Mix

Put Brown and White Sugar in the bowl. 20 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add chocolate in pieces. 20 Sec Speed Turbo.

This step is really delicate. You must check the consistency after 10 sec and then the other 10 sec. Chocolate will melt if you mix too much.

Consistency must be that of a powder, it must be dry.

Add the other ingredients. Blend 15 Sec. Speed 6.

Put it all in a hermetic glass jar.
Place in a fresh and dry place.

How to prepare a cup of Milk-Free Hot Chocolate

Put 40 g of the mix in the Thermomix mixing bowl (about 3 spoons).

Add 180 g of water or soy milk. 3 Min. 80°C Speed 4.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Cioccolata Calda Senza Latte col Bimby