Chilli Peppers Hot Sauce with Thermomix

Do you fancy chilli pepper hot flavour? This Chilli Peppers Hot Sauce recipe for Thermomix is a really tempting one!

Rosella Garofoli (from Ancona - Italy) invented it to satisfy her Brazilian partner who really loves hot taste food. Rosella wrote: "He puts this sauce on everywhere...pasta, croutons, bread rolls and vegetables...obviously people who usually don't eat hot food must use it with parsimony. I found some very very hot chilli peppers both fresh and frozen in an Indian shop."

Chilli peppers are welcomed at my home too! We even have got our own production on the balcony and it lasts for the whole year. When we have too many of them, I wash them very well (to take all the smog away :-((( ) and I put them in the freezer. This sauce can also be a good alternative to preserve your chilli peppers for a longer time.

If you want to prepare other sauces (not hot ones) with your Thermomix I suggest you try the Philadelphia Cheese, Tuna, Heavy Cream and Anchovies Sauce and the Tuna Dip.


- 500 g Chilli Peppers Washed and Dried
- 3 Fillets Anchovies
- 2 Garlic Cloves
- 200 g Vegetable Oil

How to prepare the Chilli Peppers Sauce

Put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Gradually change from Speed 1 to Speed Turbo within 30 Sec.

Pour the sauce in a jar and keep refrigerated.

My Advice

In case you find yourself with unexpected guests around, this sauce (which might be already in the fridge) could solve your problem at least for the appetizer. You could roast some bread and serve it with this sauce beside. Obviously this is not the best for children! :-D !

Translated from the Italian recipe
Salsa di Peperoncini Bimby