Savoury Bomboloni Italian Doughnuts with Thermomix

Here you are the recipe for the Savoury Bomboloni. It's really simple, and you can obviously do it with your Thermomix. This recipe has been sent by Maria Gabriella, a fan from the Italian Facebook page. (Thermomix Recipes Facebook page here)

What a delicacy!

Bomboloni are a Tuscan fried dough pastry with filling. Actually these are more doughnut holes than doughnuts! :-P They are usually filled with vanilla pastry cream, raspberry jam, or other fillings. But this dough here is a special one! It has a savoury taste and so it needs a savoury filling!

The Italian bomboloni have been compared to the French “beignet” and the German “bismark” or “bismarck.” They are also similar to other filled doughnuts (Berliner, krafne, etc.) and are eaten as a snack food and dessert.

I must say this dough is something really special. Adding a boiled potato it's what makes them very soft. This dough is simple but you can fill your Bomboloni as you like.

Maria Gabriella suggests to fill them with anchovies. And what about you? Do you fill them? With what and in which occasions?


- 1 Boiled Potato (375 g)
- 3 Eggs
- 1 Brewer's Yeast Cube
- Salt to taste
- 500 g Flour
- Oil to Fry

How to prepare the Savoury Bomboloni

Blend a boiled potato. 10-20 Sec. Speed 7.

Add eggs, yeast and salt. 10 Sec. Speed 7.

Run the knives at Speed 6 and add flour.

It mustn't be sticky.

When the knives work with difficulty, set 2-3 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Let leaven it inside the mixing bowl for 1 hour.

Mix other 2-3 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

You might add some extra flour if it's hard to unstick from the mixing bowl sides.

Knead again on a floured surface and shape as bomboloni.

Let them rise until they are double in size.

Fry in plenty of hot oil.

Maria Gabriella's Advice

This dough can be refrigerated overnight and this allows you to prepare the savoury bomboloni on the following day.

The dough can be refrigerated at least for 3 days.

In winter, you might make this dough the night before and let it rise all night long.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Bomboloni Salati col Bimby