Sweet and Sour Chinese Sauce: Make It with Thermomix

I must admit: I go crazy for Chinese food! Sometimes I feel like Spring Rolls to cover with a delicious Sweet and Sour Sauce. What a tasteful dish...

But I must also confess that I don't go to Chinese restaurants anymore. :-((( I totally love Chinese food, but I heard too many bad things that happened here in Italy about their quality controls. I won't say more. Something about my famous question "How do they prepare this?". Maybe, in your country, the situation is very different! Do you eat in Chinese restaurants? Do you think their quality controls are ok?

Anyway, what solution I have found? Thermomix obviously! For example I found a Spring Rolls recipe on a cook book and I make them by myself! And what about the sweet and sour sauce? No, I didn't have it...and I missed something. Then, Mara from Camino sent me her version of the Chinese sauce. Fantastic!!!! She varied a little bit the quantities of another recipe she had found on dbricette.

My children don't like spring rolls with this sauce on. However, this time I've cooked something that I fancy so much! Sometimes you need it, don't you?


- 250 g Cold Water
- 45 g Refined Flour
- 60 g Tomato Concentrate
- 2 Spoons Soy Sauce
- 50 g Red Wine Vinegar
- 50 g Sugar

How to prepare the Sweet and Sour Chinese Sauce

Put water, flour, vinegar, soy sauce and sugar in the mixing bowl. 20 Sec. Speed 7.

Then 5 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 3.

When it boils, stop the cooking, add tomato concentrate and blend 5 Sec. Speed 10.

Mara's Advice

You may use this sauce both on a meat dish or a fish one.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Salsa Agrodolce Cinese col Bimby