Cooking Risotto with Thermomix Suggestions

Thermomix is absolutely great at preparing Risotto! As I started cooking with Thermomix, Risotto was a very recurring dish. It always was perfect! But, in order to get a very good risotto, it is necessary to bear in mind some clever tricks.

It is like whipping cream or whipping egg-whites. If you follow some tricks you will love your Thermomix forever!

I collected all these tricks for a finger-licking risotto thanks to the suggestions you friends of the Italian page of Facebook left when we were talking about the Vegetables Risotto. A big thanks to you all for your contribution!

- You must always place the butterfly tool to keep away rice from the knives.

- Use the Counter Clockwise setting.

- Set Speed Gentle Stirring.

- When you put water and stock cube in the bowl (or the broth directly), mix the whole mixture with the spatula to let water being incorporated with the rest of the mixture (rice and condiment).

- Water quantity
Anna says this: for the rice you add the double quantity of the rice + 200 g, if the rice is less than 200 g (or equal) you must add the double quantity of the rice + 100 g.

Maria Elena instead suggests that you may weight rice with measuring cups. So every measuring cup full of rice you should add two measuring cups of water or broth + one. Let's sum up:
1 measuring cup of rice = 3 measuring cups of water or broth.
2 measuring cups of rice = 5 " " " of water or broth.
3 measuring cups of rice = 7 " " " of water or broth.
4 measuring cups of rice = 9 " " " of water or broth.
5 measuring cups of rice = 11" " " of water or broth.

Katia De Girolamo says that if you use parboiled rice, the water quantity must be double of the rice quantity + 100 g.

- the rice quantity and quality. Maria Palombelli suggests that you shouldn't use more than 500 g of rice and that you should choose a good rice quality like the Arborio or the Carnaroli one.

- for the cooking you must taste it! It depends on the rice. Every rice has its time, and the indication written on its box doesn't match perfectly to the cooking time in the Thermomix bowl. Personally, I tried the discount rice and I didn't get a good result. So, I spend a little bit more but I choose a famous brand one. Maybe taking advantage of the offers.

Have you got other suggestions?

Translated from the Italian article
Come Cucinare il Risotto col Bimby