Curry Rice and Meatballs with Thermomix

Do you like curry? Here's a nice recipe to dress Meatballs and Rice with a fantastic curry sauce.

Everything is cooked in your Thermomix Varoma set!

This recipe has been shared by Chiara from Catania, Sicily.


- 500 g Mix of Minced Meat (beef, pork)
- 1 Egg
- 1 Garlic Clove without centre
- 1 Small Shallot (or a small onion if you like it sweeter)
- 3 Sliced Bread Slices (or stale bread)
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- Marjoram Small Leaves
- A Bit of Milk to sprinkle sandwich loaf slices

For the Sauce
- 1 Tbs of Thermomix Stock Cube
- 1 Tbs of Preserved Parsley (or chopped parsley)
- 30 g Butter
- 30 g Flour "0"
- 3 Spoon Curry powder
- 1 Pinch of Sugar
- 1/2 Lemon Juice
- 100 g Heavy Cream

How to prepare the Curry Rice and Meatballs with Thermomix

Put garlic and shallot in the bowl. 10 Sec. Speed 6.

Add sliced bread slices (previously soaked in milk and well squeezed) and all the ingredients for meatballs mix.

Add salt and pepper. 20 Sec. Speed 4.

Take the mix out of the bowl and put aside.

Without washing the bowl, pour in 900 g of water.

Add salt, insert the simmering basket and let boil. 10 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

With your hands wet shape small meatballs and place them in the Varoma receptacle.

When water boils, place the Varoma receptacle on the bowl and cook 20 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

After 5 Min. pour the rice through the hole of the mixing bowl lid into the simmering basket you inserted previously.

Once rice is cooked, drain it.

Use 300 g of the water remained in the bowl to prepare the sauce.

Insert the butterfly tool and add all the ingredients to prepare the sauce except for heavy cream and cook. 5 Min. 80°C Speed 4.

Add heavy cream through the hole on the lid and reduce to Speed 2. Stir for some seconds.

Dress the rice with some spoons of this sauce.

Chiara from Catania

Erika's Advice

Here you are the version of Erika, a fan from the Italian Facebook page of this website (English page here): " I put Indian basmati rice with some Cardamom seeds into the simmering basket and then I followed the recipe instructions...I don't put lemon juice in the sauce according to my personal taste!".

Translated from the Italian recipe
Polpette e Riso al Curry col Bimby