Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Cake with Thermomix

Are you looking for a really chocolaty cake? What's better than a Three chocolates cake? Dark, milk and white chocolate to satisfy everybody and disappoint nobody!

Chocolate Cakes recipes are the ones people love the most. So, even if there's always someone who is complaining about diet, I'm happy to continue proposing you new ideas!

The first chocolate is used for the base of this cake, the other two ones create a delicious custard combining with butter and heavy cream which will cover the cake. As we usually say, once you make a gluttony sin you make it well!

This isn't a light cake at all, but it obviously is healthier than many other industrial cakes that you find around because you can select the base ingredients and choose high quality chocolates, butter, cream and eggs.

It's a perfect cake for children parties or for cheering somebody up after a bad period, such as love delusions or whatever. ;-)

This recipe has been sent by Maria Lucia Corniola from Irsina (Matera - Italy) who wrote: "The recipe is an idea of a friend of mine, but I used Thermomix to help myself as usual."

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For the base
- 150 g Sugar
- 100 g Flour "00"
- 3 Eggs
- 130 g Butter
- 100 g Dark Chocolate
- 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

For the custard
- 30 g Butter
- 100 g Milk Chocolate
- 100 g White Chocolate
- 200 ml Heavy Cream

How to prepare the Three Chocolates Cake

Melt butter with dark chocolate in a bain-marie.

Separate yolks from egg-whites.

Whip egg-whites with the butterfly tool adding a pinch of salt, as written on the base cookbook, and put aside.

Leave the butterfly in and whip yolks with sugar. 30 Sec. Speed 2.

Add flour, egg-whites and the cold mixture of chocolate and butter. 40 Sec. Speed 2.

Add baking powder. 10 Sec. Speed 2.

Cover a baking pan (24-26 cm diameter) with greaseproof paper and bake for about 30 Min.

Prepare the custard for the covering.

Melt butter with milk and white chocolate in a bain-marie.

Put the butterfly tool in the thermomix bowl.

Pour the mixture in the bowl and add cream. 50 Sec. Speed 2.

Once the cake is cold, cover with the prepared custard.

Keep refrigerated for 3-4 hours before serving.

Maria Lucia's Advice

Serve the cake with a small cup of dark chocolate ice cream.

My Advice

You may use Thermomix to melt chocolate at a temperature of 60°C. Time cooking depends on the quantity of chocolate. You will avoid using two different pans for the bain-marie.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torta al Cioccolato al Latte, Fondente e Bianco col Bimby

Photocredit: BBettina