Orange Juice: how to Prepare It with Thermomix

Are you looking for vitamins? Is there anything better than a good orange juice?! Incredible but true! Thermomix can do this too!

Orange juice is perfect for children. I often give it to mine for their afternoon break. They get fresh, they take in liquids and so many vitamins too. It's a natural way to fight colds and flu. I hate those vitamin supplements, you really don't know how they made them.

While orange juice is perfect.

Here it is a video that explains how to prepare an orange juice with Thermomix. The young cook is so pretty, but I prefer to remove the seeds from oranges before blending them! I don't know why she doesn't.

An orange juice that comes... "From Russia with love".


- 4 Peeled Oranges
- 50 g Sugar
- 500 ml Water
- 10 Ice Cubes

How to Prepare the Orange Juice with Thermomix

Put oranges, sugar, ice cubes and water in the bowl. 15 Sec. Speed Turbo.

My Advice

Remove the oranges seeds!!!!!!!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Aranciata: come Prepararla col Bimby