Salmon Flavoured Butter with Thermomix

The Salmon Flavoured Butter is a delicious spread cream to put on croutons.

A perfect recipe for tempting appetisers or starters! The idea comes from Charlotte who suggested it in the comments below the Whipped Cream Italian page of the recipe.

As it often happens, a recipe comes out after a mistake.

Charlotte's whipped cream became butter (it happened to me too). Instead of throwing it, she added a little bit of salmon and...she created a fantastic flavoured butter!

This is my recipe. I used "normal" butter, Norwegian smoked salmon (I frequently have it at home) and a pinch of black pepper.


- 125 g Soft Butter (the one you buy is good, it mustn't come from failed whipped cream necessarily)
- 70 g Smoked Salmon
- A Pinch Black Pepper

How to prepare the Flavoured Smoked Salmon

Put salmon, butter and black pepper in the mixing bowl. 15 Sec. Speed 6.

You can decide to increase the time. It depends from the butter softness and from your choice: if you want more salmon visible pieces or not for example.

Very quick, isn't it?

My suggestion

You may serve this butter in a small bowl and serve with fresh croutons.

It's a delicacy on a lightly warmed slice of bread...!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Burro al Salmone col Bimby