Savoury Bomboloni with Cold Cuts and Cheese Thermomix

After the Savoury Bomboloni recipe by Maria Gabriella, here is another recipe to prepare savoury bomboloni with Thermomix.

This recipe has been created by Filomena (a fan from the Facebook Page of the Italian version of this website), involves various cheeses and cold cuts.

Filomena suggests you use cheeses like parmesan cheese or light cheddar, and cold cuts like salami, boloni and ham.

And you? how do you prepare your savoury bomboloni or krapfen (as some people says)? I've prepared these bomboloni with a kind of soft caciotta (a small flat, soft, either fresh or matured cheese from central Italy). A soft caciotta that melted when I fried the bomboloni. Mmmmmh...

I must say preparing them has been big fun because I did it with my daughters. The elder one was very proud she had permission to cut the cheese into small cubes. And the younger one was even prouder she could contribute to the cooking by putting the small pieces of cheese inside the dough.

I had a lot of fun looking at them working. They were very happy to help mummy cooking!


- 270 g Plain Flour
- 100 g Parmesan Cheese
- 20 g Yeast
- 2 Tbsp Milk
- 2 Big Boiled Potatoes
- 2 Eggs
- 2 Tsp Salt
- Boloni, Salami, Ham and Light Cheddar

Let's make our Savoury Bomboloni with Cold Cuts and Cheese

Put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix 2-3 Min. Speed 4 and then 2 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Shape into small balls.

Cut the boloni and the light cheddar into small cubes and put them in some of the balls.

Put salami and parmesan in other ones.

Put ham and light cheddar in some other balls.

Let leaven for 1.5 hours and then deep-fry them.

A delicacy!

My advice

You may also chop the cold cuts and the cheese using the Turbo speed of your Thermomix for some seconds instead of cutting them with a knife. ;-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Bomboloni Salati Bimby con Salumi e Formaggi