Sweet Banana Cake with Thermomix: an Italian Ciambellone Recipe

When you fancy a soft cake with fresh fruits you may try the Sweet Banana Cake, a very tasty and original Ciambellone.

A Ciambellone is a soft sweet bread mainly made with flour, eggs, sugar and cooked in a ring pan. It is frequently prepared in Italy as a daily breakfast or snack time cake. It has a chiffon cake-like dough.

This is a very easy and quick recipe and every moment can be the right one to turn on your Thermomix! When you first see this cake you could think it is the classic "ciambellone" but once you taste it...its dough is fragrant, soft and fluffy like a good sweet cake.

The recipe has been sent by Beatrice from Rome who told me she found this recipe on line (this is the website http://www.tortealcioccolato.com/2010/12/29/torta-soffice-banana-bimby/) but "the result was so special that I badly wanted to share it with you...I replaced margarine with butter and I added more sugar to sweeten it more, these are the changes I made to the original recipe".

Don't listen to Roberto Benigni's advice in Johnny Stecchino where he recommended: "do not buy bananas in Palermo" :-) Bananas are very good for our health because they contain a lot of potassium and a very small amount of salt; it means they are perfect to help you fight hypertension.

If you have some other bananas in your fruit bowl and you fancy something fresh, you may prepare a good amount of Banana Ice Cream: simply delicious :-)

Ingredients (6-8 people serving)

- 250 g Flour
- 200 g Sugar
- 70 g Milk
- 120 g Margarine
- 2 Eggs
- 2 Bananas
- 1 Vanillin Sachet (or Vanilla Sugar)
- 2 ml Lemon Flavouring
- 1 Baking Powder Sachet (15-16 g)
- 1 Pinch Salt

How to prepare the Sweet Banana Cake

Put sugar in the bowl. 10 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add vanillin (or Vanilla Sugar), lemon flavouring, eggs, milk, margarine and salt. 30 Sec. Speed 5.

Add bananas cut into pieces. 30 Sec. Speed 5.

Then add flour and baking powder. 50 Sec. Speed 5.

Pour in a ring pan and bake at 165°C for 45 Min.

Once cooked, take it out of the oven and let it get cold. Dress the surface with icing sugar and banana slices.

How to prepare the Sweet Banana Cake without Thermomix


Translated from the Italian recipe
Ciambellone alla Banana: Ricetta BImby

Photocredit: Ian Ransley Design + Illustration