Salmon Steaks with Green Sauce and Potatoes Thermomix Varoma Cooking

I suggest you prepare this in the VaromaSalmon Steaks with Green Sauce and Potatoes. Yum!

It is a complete but light dish. Cooking with Varoma both salmon and potatoes you won't need to add other fats, and taste won't be affected. Fish is healthy, no doubt about it, and potatoes are always an easy and filling side dish, even if cooked in the Varoma. To give this dish an extra touch, I prepared a green sauce made of Rocket and Parsley and Pine Nuts, very delicate.

Another good point of this dish is that you put all the ingredients and Thermomix cook is while you're doing your own stuff :-). At the end you will only have to wash your Thermomix!


- 300 g Salmon, divided into 2 steaks
- 450 g Potatoes
- 600 g Water

for the Green Sauce
- 25 g Rocket
- 10 g Parsley
- 40 g Olive Oil
- 10 g Pine Nuts
- 1 pinch Salt

How to prepare Salmon Steaks with Green Sauce and Potatoes

Put all the sauce ingredients in the bowl. 15 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Gather with the spatula and repeat the operation. Time depends on how much ground you like it.

Put the sauce aside.

Add water into the dirt bowl.

Cut potatoes into pieces and place them into the simmering basket.
Place the basket inside the bowl.

Close your Thermomix with the lid.

Then place the salmon steaks on the Varoma tray you covered with wet and squeezed greaseproof paper. Cover with the Varoma lid. 30 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

At the end of the cooking serve salmon steaks with potatoes and dress with the green sauce.

My advice

Cooking time must be regulated according to what you're cooking. For instance you may consider potatoes quality and how thick you cut them. Same thing for the salmon steak: his cooking depends on how thick the steak is. So you'd better check it at a half of the cooking. ;-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Salmone e Patate in Salsa Verde col Varoma del Bimby