How to wash Your Thermomix

What is the right way to wash a Thermomix? Good question!!!! Can you put it in the dishwasher or you'd better wash it only by hand? Are there other ways to wash Thermomix mixing bowl?

When I bought my Thermomix they suggested me to wash it always by hand. There was not an official reason. I thought that washing it in the dishwasher could ruin it and as it is not that cheap, I'd better follow their advice.

In everyday life though, hastily, having lots of dishes, the children, the work, etc., I don't always have the time to wash it by hand. Moreover if I cook greasy things, Thermomix is better washed inside the dishwasher.

Conclusion: I wash my Thermomix in the dishwasher too. But not so often. Just when it is too dirty and hard to clean.

Talking with my friends I found out there are many other alternative ways to wash Thermomix. Which ones?

- Fill in the bowl with 1 L of water. 10 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

- Fill in the bowl with 1 L of water, add a drop of washing-up liquid and set Speed 6 alternatively moving knives clockwise and counter-clockwise.

How do you wash your Thermomix? If you have got some suggestions or if you think somethings I'm saying is wrong, say it and I'll write your opinion too.

If you have some other problems with your Thermomix, like scales going crazy at times, take a look at this article that talks of when Thermomix Scales is Broken (or it seems to be broken ;-) ).

In practice everyone washes Thermomix his own way. So I've decided to add all of your opinions. BUT, I have no responsibility, I wash my hands of it. I mean, has no responsibility for what the various readers suggest. I'm just reporting what the readers told me, I personally did not try everything.

In short, these are not the official Vorwerk suggestions on how to clean Thermomix :-), but the single experiences of each Thermomix lover who have to wash it daily.

Muriel Diana (an ex Thermomix consultant) wrote:
"- TM21 cannot be washed in the dishwasher
- TM31 can be washed in the dishwasher
- You can wash by hand but do not use product like Viakal against limescale. Obviously you have to dismantle it all!
- You can also wash it filling it with water until you cover the knives and adding a drop of washing-up liquid. 3-4 Min. 100°C Speed Turbo
- Avoid keeping the bowl to soak full of water for a too long time. The knives are covered with a special oil that preserve them. You could take it away and ruin your knives permanently."

Erika Viola
"To eliminate all the bad smells, you can put a little bit of vinegar on the sponge. It works perfectly without ruining it or leaving that bad bleach odour"

Stefania Porta
"Dishwasher ruins does not ruin the steel but it does ruin the becomes opaque, it happened to me! Water and vinegar then dishwasher detergent are the best to remove the grease from it!"

Margherita Cristantielli
Do not ever use salt to try washing your Thermomix...knives are ruined in a flash"

Rosella Remondino
I always wash it in the dishwasher, except for the knives...It is always splendid!

More suggestions coming soon.... :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
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