The Sealing Ring for my TM31 Mixing Bowl Lid has Broken

The sealing ring for my TM31 mixing bowl lid has broken!!!! That's a problem!

With broken I mean it is completely you can see in the picture. I could still put it in the Thermomix lid but some pieces came off..

The real trouble has been the sealing ring has ruined during summer while I was on holiday (and of course I had carried Thermie with me :-) !!).

When I went to buy a new sealing ring the shopkeeper had finished them! So I had to order it. But I found out that stocks are closed in this period....they go on holiday too!

Then the shopkeeper closed his shop to go on holiday too! I had to wait until September when the shopkeeper renovated my order. It needed some time to have my new sealing ring: firstly it did not arrive, then the shopkeeper had some personal troubles.

So, I had my sealing ring at the end of the month...

During the entire summer I had to use the old sealing ring with a terrible fear I could break something or some pieces of sealing ring could fall into what I was preparing...

However I solved everything and I have my new sealing ring now! I can't believe it!

Why did the sealing ring for the bowl lid break?

I don't think there is a real reason. After many years of usage, plastic ruins I think, inevitably. Also because it whitstands high temperatures.

I really don't believe it depends on the fact I wash my Thermomix in my dishwasher. The wearing of these parts is absolutely normal!

Moreover it is not related to the breaking of scales or knives!

In short, these kind of things happen, even in summer when everyone is on holiday!!

Has it ever happened to you?

Translated from the Italian recipe
La Guarnizione del Coperchio del mio Boccale Bimby tm31 si è Rotta