Limoncello: Thermomix Recipe

Limoncello is an iced fresh drink that is always inside Italian fridges or freezer! Fresh and sweet it is also loved by those who don't like alcohol that much.

Limoncello is done with large lemons who have a thick zest like those from the Amalfi Coast. Limoncello at my home is done by my father-in-law who prepares it in summer and then he distributes it to his sons. But his storage does not last for a long time because I love preparing cakes using limoncello too (like the sweet bomboloni recipe or the Neapolitan pastiera).

So this year someone gave me some very good Amalfi Coast lemons and I've decided to prepare it myself, with my Thermomix ! :-)

If you prefer a less alcoholic taste, try the Limoncello Cream.

If you live in a Commonwealth country, unfortunately you won't be able to prepare this recipe because pure alcohol isn't sold to the public. Some recipes on the internet suggest to substitute pure alcohol with Vodka: well, as an Italian I highly discourage that! I'm afraid your only option is to fly over here to try it! :-)


- 1 L Alcohol for liqueurs, 95°C or scotch
- 1 Kg Sugar
- 1 L Water
- 9 Untreated Lemons with a thick peel

How to prepare the Limoncello

Wash lemons very well using warm water to remove a dirt layer and possible residues.

Using a peeler remove only the yellow part of the rind (avoid to remove the white part too because this last one is bitter).

Put lemon rinds in a large bowl with a hermetically closing lid and let soaking for 1 Month in a fresh and dry place. Slightly shake the bottle from time to time.

After this period of time prepare the syrup.

Put sugar and water in the bowl. 30 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Let it get cold for 12 Hours, then add this syrup to the alcohol.

Close the bowl again and let it rest for a few days, in a dark place.

After a few days open the bowl, filter it, put it in a bottle and keep it refrigerated in the freezer.

My advice

It is a very easy and cheap liqueur. That's why I suggest to pay a little bit more to buy a better quality alcohol! :-)

About the maceration I've read the times change according to personal experience. I've followed what I've written above and it was good. Maybe following your own times it will be good the same :-) Have you ever done limoncello before? What are your times for maceration?

How to prepare Limoncello without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Limoncello: Ricetta Bimby

Photocredit: kevinq2000