Peach and Amaretti Biscuits Jam with Thermomix

If you like peach jam you must try this luscious alternative: the peach and amaretti biscuits jam!

I had already tried this combining through the amaretti biscuits and peach tart recipe and I must say it immediately caught my eye when Stefania Davin di Costa Volpi sent me the recipe. So I've published it immediately!

Stefania wrote: "I've made this recipe because my daughter loves both peaches and amaretti biscuits and she liked this jam so much! I've made it again after a few days!! It is a very delicate recipe but a real pleasure too! Enjoy your breakfast or snacks everyone".

As a matter of fact this jam is very good for a special snack. Having a particular taste (so sweet I must admit!) I've also prepared some extra jars to give as gifts for Christmas...You never know when it's about Christmas presents! You'd better be prepared!

If you like orange jams (well yes, sometimes it is just a matter of colours..) you may also try the apricot jam!


about 3 jars

- 1 kg Ripe Peaches
- 350 g Sugar/Fructose
- 1 Lemon Juice
- 10 Amaretti Biscuits

How to prepare the Peach and Amaretti Biscuits Jam

Peel peaches and cut into rough pieces. Put all the ingredients in the bowl except for amaretti biscuits and cook. 40 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

Then other 10 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1/2.

Crush amaretti biscuits with your hands and put aside. (I've almost pulverised them :-))

At the end of cooking, allow to rest for a few minutes and add crushed amaretti biscuits. Then set 30 Sec. Speed 1.

Pour in jars and then sterilize.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Marmellata di Pesche e Amaretti Bimby