Egg Free Chocolate Custard: Thermomix Recipe

You cannot have eggs but you are in love with custard..right? In this case this one here is a very useful recipe for you: the egg free chocolate custard.

I needed this recipe when I prepared the profiteroles and I had to fill in them, but I did not have any eggs. I really did not know what to invent. So I remembered a recipe suggested by Agata Gabriella Ursino Manola, a fan of the Italian Facebook page of this website and I adapted it to my needs.
You may also use this recipe to fill in a classic sponge cake or the very moist Yogurt Cake or whatever you like!

Obviously the egg free chocolate custard is a basis for those who cannot eat eggs. I also suggest them the Egg-Free Chocolate Cake, the Strawberry Ice Cream, the Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free Pudding.

Recipe n°1


- 500 g Milk
- 80 g Starch
- 100 g Sugar
- 1 Tbsp Vanilla Sugar or Seeds of 1 Vanilla Pod or 1 Vanillin Sachet (0.5 g)
- 25 g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

How to prepare the Egg Free Chocolate Custard

Put all the ingredients in the bowl. 7 Min. 90°C Speed 4.

Recipe n°2
This recipe has been taken from the website


- 500 g Milk
- 200 g Water
- 200 g Sugar
- 100 g All Purpose Flour
- 100 g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
- a knob Butter

How to prepare the Egg Free Chocolate Custard

Put flour, sugar and cocoa powder in the bowl. 20 Sec. Speed 7.

Add milk and water through the lid hole. 9 Min. 90° Speed 4.

At the end of cooking att a knob of butter and stir. A few Sec. Speed 3-4.

My advice

If you want to flavour your custard in a special way you can add some chopped orange zest. Mill A few Sec. Speed Turbo or in alternative a bit of cinnamon.

How to prepare the Egg Free Chocolate Custard without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Crema al Cioccolato Senza Uova Bimby