Thermomix Mascarpone Cream Recipe

Are you looking for a luscious mascarpone cream to prepare with your Thermomix according to the traditional Italian cuisine recipe?

Then try preparing this recipe! It has been sent by Vania Ranieri from Piacenza who copied a recipe of her mother and adapted it for Thermomix. Very good, Vania!!!!!

Vania told me she has used this mascarpone cream to prepare a very good tiramisù cake for her husband's birthday. :-) You can also use it for a strawberry tiramisù cake or to prepare a classic yogurt cake and make it really delicious, and more caloric of course......:-)

During Christmas period you can use this mascarpone cream to fill in a pandoro or a panettone.

Actually this mascarpone cream has got a great advantage as it can be eat it alone, maybe served in transparent glasses to each of your guests and spread with cocoa powder, cinnamon or coffee.

Further more it is very quick to prepare so you just need to have the right ingredient ready at home and you have your dessert done in a flash! In only 5 minutes!!

However this dessert involves uncooked eggs that is why your ingredients must be absolutely fresh and of very good quality!

You may also prepare your own mascarpone cheese with your Thermomix if you like.


4 people serving

- 500 g Mascarpone Cheese (make your own Homemade Mascarpone)
- 3 Eggs
- 70 g Sugar
- a dash of Rum, Marsala wine or Brandy (optional)

How to prepare Thermomix Mascarpone Cream Recipe

Place the butterfly tool.

Put eggs and sugar in the bowl. 5 Min. Speed 4.

Remove the butterfly.

Add mascarpone cheese while the knives are moving at Speed 3, until amalgamated.

For a softer result use the following procedure.

Place the butterfly.

Separate egg-yolks from the whites.

Put egg-whites into the bowl with a pinch of salt. 2 Min. 37°C Speed 4.

Put whipped egg-whites into stiff peaks aside.

Whip egg-yolks with sugar until you have an homogeneous pale and frothy mixture. 3 Min. Speed 2-3.

Add mascarpone and mix. 3 Min. Speed 2-3.

Slightly add whipped egg-whites into stiff peaks.

My advice

To give a stronger flavour to your cream, add a dash of Rum, Brandy or Marsala wine.

How to prepare the Mascarpone Cream without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Crema al Mascarpone Bimby

Photocredit: lunadei