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Thermomix Nougat Recipe

Nougat is a typical Christmas gift, very popular in Italy but also known in France and Spain.

It originated in Cremona, but it may have an older origin. There are many varieties of nougat: hard or soft, with almonds or hazelnuts, with almond paste or sugar frosting....for all tastes in short!

Every year I can't wait for Christmas just to have fun in preparing sweets, cakes and desserts always present on my festive table!

Especially nougat: its preparation always fascinated me and I've been so happy when I received these recipes to prepare it.

I suggest you accompany nougat sweetness with a particular wine, the Moscato Passito di Pantelleria, a amber coloured wine with a delicate taste and a sweet and pleasant aroma.

Why don't you try preparing nougat too? I'm sure you'll be fully satisfied!

If you want to prepare other Christmas specialties you may try the Neapolitan Struffoli, the Neapolitan Roccoco, the Chocolate Nougat, the Soft Chocolate Turron and the ever-present Thermomix Panettone.

Recipe 1
This is Adriana Angius's recipe, from Olbia (SS)


4 people serving

- 1 Egg-White
- 400 g Honey
- 200 g Hazelnuts (or other nuts)
- Wafer (or edible rice paper)

How to prepare Thermomix Nougat

Place the butterfly tool in the bowl and pour the egg-white inside it too. 5 Sec. Speed 2.

Add honey and cook 60 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

Remove butterfly. Add nuts and stir with the spatula.

Put this mixture on baking paper, shape to a rectangle of the same size as the wafer and let rest for a night.

Replace baking paper with wafer on the following day.

Adriana's advice

"I've also tried adding lemon or orange flavourings (I must also try with myrtle), and I've always had a fine result."

Recipe 2
This is Rosy Okkioni's recipe, from Bari (Apulia)


4 people serving

- 1 Egg-White
- 400 g Liquified Honey
- 200 g Roasted Hazelnuts
- Wafer paper ( or edible rice paper )

How to prepare Thermomix Nougat

Place the butterfly inside the bowl and pour the egg-white in. 10 Sec. Speed 2.

Add liquified honey and cook without measuring cup on. 60 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

Add hazelnuts and stir with the spatula.

Spread this mixture on baking paper shaping to a rectangle of the same size as the wafer (or same size and shape of rice paper).

Later, substitute baking paper with wafer and then cut into pieces.

Rosy's advice

"The result is amazing, it is just the same as the one you buy".

My advice

Nougat is principally eaten during Christmas but you can prepare it whenever you want during the year as it is an healthy and energising snack, it's perfect for children's breaks.

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Torrone Bianco Bimby

Photocredit: Francescopozzi


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