Thermomix Fried Rice Recipe

Thermomix Fried Rice Recipe

I am very happy I can finally try Fried Rice with my Thermomix! I found three very good recipes of this Chinese specialty and I am going to try them all! :-)

Traditionally, the rice is steamed and then stir-fried in a wok pan, together with other ingredients like vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs and lots of spices, soy sauce and lots of herbs too.

It also makes a great "fridge-cleaning" recipe, as you can combine all of  your leftovers!

You can use any variety of rice, although long-grain is reccomended for stir-frying because it produces less amid.

These recipes involve different ingredients, so that you can choose the one you prefer the most, or use these recipes as a base to make your own fried rice.

If you like Chinese cuisine, you must try to make Sweet and Sour Chinese Sauce.

And if you're a rice lover (as I am) and are after new ideas, I suggest you try one of my risottos.

Recipe 1
From Jo's The most famous fried rice recipe on the web.


- 400 g of raw Rice (or less if you want a smaller batch).
- 400 g Coconut Milk
- 500 g Water (for White or Basmati Rice) / 700g Water (for Brown Rice)
- 100 g/200 g of cubed Chicken or Fish (you can marinate it for a little while first in some soy sauce, curry powder, garlic, ginger, and honey, or whatever marinade you prefer) or some chopped Bacon, preferably organic
Vegetables of your choice:
- 1 sliced Onion/Shallots/Leeks
- Carrots, sliced or julienned
- Celery, sliced
- Kohlrabi, thin strips or julienned
- Broccoli/Cauliflower florets
- Cabbage, shredded
- Spinach/Silverbeet, sliced
- frozen Peas and Corn
- Cashews or slivered Almonds(optional)
- 4 to 5 Eggs, whisked

How to prepare Thermomix Fried Rice

Place rice basket into Thermomix bowl, and weigh in raw rice.

Remove basket, and pour into bowl coconut milk and water

Rinse rice under tap, then place basket back in bowl. Fasten lid onto bowl, place Varoma on top, and start cooking. 20 Min. (white rice) or 35 Min. (brown) Varoma Temp. Speed 4.

While rice begins cooking, chop up meat and/or veggies, placing it into the Varoma as you go.
(I do it this way, as it's quicker than preparing it all then starting the cooking. I put each ingredient in as it's prepared, replacing Varoma lid each time - meat, then hard veges, then quicker cooking veges - that way the hard and soft veges and the meat are all finished cooking at the same time.)

Place the cubed meat in the bottom of the Varoma in a single layer, then top with the preferred veggies.

When there's about 5 Minutes left on the timer, line the top Varoma tray with a piece of wet baking paper, and pour in the whisked eggs. Replace lid, and leave to steam.

Check meat, veggies, egg and rice after 20 Mins to make sure they're all cooked. (With basmati rice, it's generally cooked after about 17 minutes, but I just leave it for the full 20, and everything's usually done by then. With brown rice, just add the veges when there's only 15 minutes left to go, and add the eggs when there's 5 minutes left, and they should be done at the same time as the rice that way.)

Remove Varoma and place lid underneath.

Remove rice basket using spatula, and tip rice into Varoma bowl.  Add the meat and veggies.

Slice the eggs up in tray and tip into Varoma bowl with rice.

Season with some tamari sauce/soy sauce /sweet chilli sauce, mix together gently and serve!

Recipe 2
by CathyM on Official Thermomix Recipe Community. A variant of Jo's fried rice.


- 400 g Mixed Chopped Veggies (I use 300 g frozen and add some chinese cabbage and snow peas)
- 100 g freshly chopped Pineapple
- 200 g Bacon, sliced preferably free range organic
- 400 g Rice (white or brown)
- 4-5 Eggs, beaten

- 150 g Pineapple fresh chopped in chunks
- 400 g Coconut Milk (1 tin)
- 200 g Water
- 2 tbsp Soy Sauce
- 1 tbsp Fish Sauce
- 1 tsp Curry Powder

How to Prepare Thermomix Fried Rice

Place rice basket into Thermomix bowl, and weigh in the rice.

Remove basket and rinse rice.

Add to TM bowl coconut milk, fresh pineapple, soy sauce, fish sauce, curry powder.

 Mix for 20 Sec. on Speed 9.

Then add water. Fasten lid onto bowl, place Varoma on top, and place the chopped Bacon in Varoma dish. On top of bacon place veggies.

Wet some baking paper and place on Varoma tray, pour beaten eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper) on to baking paper and place on top of Varoma Dish.

Make sure you can put the tray and lid on the top so it closes properly.

If using white rice:
Set TM to cook for 10 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 4

Check egg and see if omelette is cooked. Don't over cook or it wil go rubbery.

If cooked, take tray out and replace varoma lid to continue cooking rice and vegies, give the vegies and rice a stir at this stage.

Continue cooking for another 10 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 4 (or until rice and vegies are cooked). Depending on what veggies you use you may need to take vegies out before the rice.

If using brown rice (cook for 35 Min):
Add the meat and veggies and egg in the last 20 Min. of cooking.

Remove Varoma and rice basket, place Varoma lid underneath Varoma bowl, and stir the rice into the meat and veggies.

Slice the egg up in tray and tip into Varoma bowl with rice. Season with some homemade sweet chilli sauce and serve! Easy!

CathyM's advice

The sauce down the bottom thickens and can be poured over the rice ( I like a dry fried rice though) or save it and use it for a yummy sauce over BBQ chicken or a dipping sauce for kebabs.

Recipe 3
by Karonjulie from the Thermomix Forum


- 400 g Rice of your choice
- 1000 g Water
- 800 g Mixed Frozen Veggies (Corn, Peas and Carrots)
- 100 g Mushrooms
- 6 rashers Bacon
- 1 large Onion
- 1 Garlic clove
- 2 Eggs (light beaten with fork)
- 20 g Oil
- Soy Sauce
- Salt and Pepper
- tinned or fresh Bamboo sprouts

How to prepare Thermomix Fried Rice

Wash and weight rice in basket and place in TM bowl after filling with water.

Add frozen veggies and mushrooms to varoma and put in place. Cook for 18-20 Min. (depending on rice used, 40 Min. for brown rice) on Varoma Temp. Speed 4.

Once cooked remove and place rice and veggies into thermo bowl and mix, add salt and pepper. Gently fold through eggs while hot.

Chop garlic and onion. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Place in bacon and turbo until desired size.

Add oil and sauté for 4 Min. 100°C Speed 1. Gently mix into rice and veg mix. Fold through bamboo sprouts and soy sauce.

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