Thermomix Jelly Slice

Thermomix Jelly Slice

Are you ready to try this delicious three layered Thermomix Jelly Slice? I fell in love with it!

In my opinion it is the perfect dessert during these hot summer days and why not, even a scrumptious afternoon tea deli! :-) Of course it is also a great dessert in winter after a long rich family lunch.

It is made of a simple biscuit base covered with a layer of custard then topped with raspberry jelly! It is also a beautiful view for your eyes!

My children, who really love cheesecakes, went crazy for this slice, who combines the freshness of cheesecake with the tastiness of jelly. Of course you can vary the flavour of the jelly. However, in this recipe I followed the original ingredients, using a raspberry jelly.

I found this recipe on the Official Australian Recipe Community where it was posted by Jeanette Pearce. Thank you so much! :-)

Do not forget that as this is a Thermomix recipe it is absolutely easy and quick to make! Involve your children too! They will have fun! :-)

If you are looking for other fresh desserts, I suggest you try the vast range of cheesecakes, ice creams or mousses.

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- 2 Packets Milk Arrowroot Biscuits Canuse, others in your pantry if you have them.
- 380 g Butter
- 2 tsp Icing Sugar
- 3 packets Raspberry Jelly
- 2 Tins Condensed Milk
- 30 g Gelatine Powder
- 5 Lemons juiced
- Rind off 1 Lemon
- 440 g Hot Water (for Jelly)
- 440 g Hot Water (for Custard)

How to prepare Thermomix Jelly Slice

Mill lemon rind for 20 Sec. Speed 8. Set aside.

Place biscuits and icing sugar in bowl and crush for 5 Sec. Speed 8. Set aside.

Weigh butter and heat for 3 Min. 90°C Speed 3. Set Dough Mode 30 Sec. and feed biscuits through hole in TM lid and mix until combined.

Place in large deep lamington tin; I use a tupperware rectangle slice container which is perfect.

Press down biscuits firmly and refridgerate.

Jelly Topping:
Pour hot water into clean TM bowl.

Heat for 3 Min. 90°C Speed 2 and add jelly crystals through Tm lid.

Stir until dissolved.

Set aside in another bowl and refridgerate until slightly set.

Custard Filling:
Pour in water and heat for 2 Min. 90°C Speed 3.

Add gelatine to water and dissolve while stirring.

Once gelatine has dissolved add condensed milk, lemon rind and lemon juice mix for 30 Sec. on Speed 4.

Pour custard over the biscuit base and refridgerate. Allow to set.

Once the jelly has slightly set pour carefully over the custard mixture and refridgerate for at least 3 hours.

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