Margarita Recipe Thermomix

Margarita Recipe Thermomix

One of the most appreciated and known Tequila-based aperitifs in the world is Margarita, here in the frozen margarita version.

I consume alcohol very moderately....! But when it happens, I like to serve something special. ;-)

Margarita is a Mexican cocktail created between the thirties and forties of the last century (XX) and belongs to the "family" of sour cocktails.

In this version, the cocktail is mixed with ice: a frozen margarita, ideal for those looking for freshness and a slightly reduced alcoholic effect. :-)


(for 4 people)
- 3 medium lemons
- 100 g Tequila
- 50 g Cointreau
- 100 g caster sugar
- 300 g ice cubes
- salt to taste

Let's cook

Peel 3 medium lemons, cut them in half and remove all the seeds.

Pour 100 g Tequila, 50 g Cointreau into the mixing bowl, add the lemons cut into pieces, 100 g caster sugar and blend 15 Sec. Speed 6.

Add 300 g of ice cubes and mix 1 Min. Speed 10.

Cover the bottom of a saucer with salt, which must be at least a little wider than the glass you will use to serve the cocktail.

Take the glass, pass a slice of lemon on the edge, turn it upside down and pass the edges in the saucer with salt.

Proceed with all 4 glasses.

Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into the glasses and serve.

Translated from the Margarita Frozen
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