Cauliflower Rice Thermomix

Cauliflower Rice Thermomix 

Diet yes, but at least it is with taste! Here is the recipe for cauliflower rice with the Thermomix, otherwise known as cauli rice or cauliflower rice (it depends how much you want to be "in" when you talk about it :-D).

Here is a dish suitable for those who follow a low carb diet, a vegetarian, vegan, diet and that's it but also for those who want a slightly rich side dish different from the usual and, let's face it, to those who love cauliflower !!

The recipe is quite trivial, because it involves reducing the cauliflower into small grains, which the Thermomix does in an excellent and spectacular way! The thing that moves me is when I open the lid: they are all uniform !!

In Italy is also called cauliflower couscous (for obvious reasons). Also in your country?

It can be eaten raw or lightly seared. In the recipe below I show you the procedures to obtain both results with the Thermomix. Nothing prevents you from wanting a pan-fried version with curry and whatever you prefer ;-)

In other words, you can adapt the cooking to your tastes ;-) I can't eat it completely raw and I opt for the "seared".

If you create your own Thermomix cauliflower rice recipe, share it with the Thermomix Recipes community! It is, in fact, a basic recipe that can vary in a thousand ways :-) With vegetables, but also with tuna or chicken ... You can write it in the comments below or send it to me on Facebook! You can cook many other recipes with cauliflower, but this is special because consuming it raw or just steamed it preserves its properties and virtues!


(for 4 people)
- A fresh cauliflower
- Two carrots
- A yellow or red pepper
- 40 g extravirgin olive oil
- Salt to taste

Let's cook

Divide one medium cauliflower into florets, discarding the stem as long as you see some. Use this "waste" to make other recipes;-)

Wash the florets, dry them on a piece of cotton and put a first half in the mixing bowl blending 10 Sec. Speed 4-5. Put in a bowl.

Insert the other half and repeat the operation. Better to blend the cauliflower in two times!

Without washing the mixing bowl, put the washed and dried pepper into pieces (and deprived of seeds and stalk, of course), the washed and peeled carrot into pieces, 40 g of extrvirgin olive oil, salt to taste and blend 4 Sec. Speed 5.

Raw cauliflower couscous

If you want to enjoy raw vegetables, transfer the vegetables to the bowl with the cauliflower at this point and mix well. If you like, add some parsley.

"Seared" cauliflower couscous

You just don't digest raw cauliflower or pepper? Well, you can at least sear them ;-)

First cook the sauce that is still in the mixing bowl: cook 5 Min. Varoma Temp. Reverse Soft Speed (at this point you could also add a little red onion ...). If you prefer even more cooked vegetables, continue for up to 8 Min. Transfer to a bowl.

Now distribute the cauliflower a little in the Varoma dish and a little on the tray. Assemble everything, put the lid on, pour 500 g of water into the rinsed mixing bowl (no need to wash it), put on the Varoma and sear the cauliflower 10 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 1. If you want it softer, mix with a spoon (watch out for the steam) and cook for a further 5 Min.

Put the cauliflower in the bowl with the dressing, mix well and bring to the table!

Translated from the Riso di Cavolfiore
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