Thermomix recipes macaroni cheese

Thermomix recipes macaroni cheese

Pasta fusion: here is a pasta recipe made in the USA! Thermomix recipes macaroni cheese or Macaroni and cheese or mac and cheese with Thermomix, a recipe that combines the goodness of pasta with a velvety cheese cream.

Although the recipe has spread to America, it is not the daughter of the Italian-American tradition… It seems that the French were already preparing a similar dish in the 14th century! Tasted by Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States on a visit to France, the dish was adopted by the presidential kitchens and has since spread throughout the States :-)

Anyone who has been to the USA knows that this pre-cooked dish can be found. But it's worth it? Let's say that we like to taste things cooked and eaten, especially since with the Thermomix it really takes a moment. Who knows if even in the USA they know how fast it is to prepare the recipe with Thermomix ...?

The Thermomix mac and cheese is the classic timbale of pasta that children love and that is also a pleasure for adults to enjoy !!

Another American pasta dish that I have published is spaghetti with meatballs, those of Lilli and the Trump. These too are made quickly with the Thermomix and are a perfect recipe for adults and children, one of those "at home" and for every day.

If the recipe intrigues you, don't hesitate: get to work and bake your macaroni cheese!!! And if you get discouraged because you can't find cheddar you can replace it with Edamer in the same amount (it's not quite the same, but it can be fine!).


(for 6 people)
- 60 g of butter + to taste to butter
- 60 g of plain flour
- 750 g of milk
- 400 g of macaroni
- ½ tsp of nutmeg
- Salt to taste
- 150 g of cheddar
- 150 g of emmental
- 150 g of provolone cheese or another a semi-hard cheese
- Breadcrumbs to taste
- 120 g of Parmesan cheese

Let's cook

Prepare the béchamel: put 60 g butter, 60 g plain flour, 750 g milk in the mixing bowl and cook 20 Min. 90C Speed 2.
Meanwhile, cook 400 g of macaroni in plenty of salted water. Drain them "very al dente", 3 or 4 Min. sooner than indicated on the package.

Turn on the oven at 170C (ventilated mode).

Add ½ tsp nutmeg in the mixing bowl, season with salt and mix 5 Sec. Speed 4.

Cut 150 g cheddar, 150 g emmental, 150 g of provolone or another a semi-hard cheese into pieces, add to the mixing bowl and chop 15 Sec. Speed 8.

Drain the pasta and season it with the cream cheese.

Butter and sprinkle a baking dish with breadcrumbs, pour the seasoned pasta and sprinkle with 120 g of Parmesan cheese.

Place in the oven and cook for 20 Min.

Serve the macaroni hot.


For the cream you can use the cheeses of your choice, being careful to balance the flavors: combine two intense flavors with a more delicate one.

Turn on the grill for the last 5 minutes of cooking to obtain a crisper gratin.
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