Meat Loaf Thermomix Stuffed With Ham and Scamorza

Meat Loaf Thermomix Stuffed With Ham and Scamorza  The meat loaf is a dish that children always like and can be easily packed in a lunch-box.

With this special stuffing of Ham and Scamorza you'll avoid the "boredom effect" that often comes when you chew the usual meatloaf.

I used Thermomix to prepare the dough, grinding and mixing the ingredients according to my taste. Along with the meatloaf I also cooked the potatoes.
My girls went crazy!

It was a perfect Sunday lunch :-)


(per 6 persone)
- 100 g Raw Ham
- 1 / 2 Scamorza (is kind of cheese Buffalo's and cow’s milk)
- 500 g Minced Meat
- 1 Egg
- 1 bunch of Parsley
- Salt to taste
- 30 g Breadcrumbs (plus a handful on the outside of the meat loaf)
- Extravergin olive oil (for cooking in the oven)
- Potatoes (as a possible side-dish)

How to Prepare the Meat Loaf Stuffed with Ham and Scamorza

Put in the mixing bowl ham and scamorza. 2 Sec. Speed. 7. Put apart.

Put in the mixing bowl meat, egg, parsley and salt. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Add the breadcrumbs. 10 Sec Speed. 2.

Put on a plate a handful of breadcrumbs.

Give a ball shape to the meat and put it on the plate.

Crush the meat to form a disk.

At the center of this disk add the chopped ham and cheese, giving the shape of a sausage and making sure to leave a little space at the edges.

Close the meat around so to form the meatloaf.

Bread-coat also the top of the meatloaf.

Place the meatloaf in a pan with plenty of oil and bake. 40 Min 220°C.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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