Peach Fruit Juice with Thermomix

Peach Fruit Juice with Thermomix

With Thermomix you can prepare a very wholesome peach fruit juice. With this recipe you will drink a juice as tasty as those you can find at the supermarket, but with the taste of real peaches. And you will know what there is within...!


- 400 gr Water
- 100 gr Sugar
- 3 Lemons (about 150 gr)
- 700 gr Peaches (6 Peaches, stoneless)

How to make Peach Fruit Juice with Thermomix

Peel the peaches, remove the stones and cut the peaches in big cubes.

Put water and sugar in the jug. 10 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

Add lemon juice and peaches. 1 Min. Speed. 5 and 1 Min. Speed 8.

Pour the juice in sterilized bottles, close them and turn them upside down until they are cold.

When the juice is cold, put the bottles in the fridge. It lasts a couple of days.

My advice

To give an even more nice and flavoured taste to the fruit juice, I have blended different varieties of peaches.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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