Italian Eggplant Parmigiana with Thermomix: Eggplant with Tomato and Cheese

Italian Eggplant Parmigiana with Thermomix 

This is my recipe of Italian Eggplant Parmigiana also known as Eggplant Parmesan that I prepare with the help of my Thermomix.
Eaten alone or accompanied by raw ham and crispy bread it’s really good! Of course, they are not really a dietary dish ... eggplant parmigana, in fact, are fried. :-D
It's probably not the best option if you're watching your figure, unless you go jogging right after your meal!

But every now and then it is worth it and then, if you do not have line or health problems, as my friend Elena says, "a fried every now and then awakens the metabolism". True or not, I have decided that I believe it! ;-) And the whole family will love it.
This typical Italian recipe is often cooked in the Summer, when eggplant's in season. My husband is always happy when he comes home and smells Eggplant Parmigiana, and my younger daughter also loves it.


- 400 g eggplant
- A few basil leaves
- 1/2 onion
- 40 g extra virgin olive oil + q.s. for frying
- 400 g tomato pulp
- Salt to taste
- 250 g mozzarella
- 80 g of grated Parmesan cheese

Let's cook

Peel 400 g eggplants with a peeler.

Cut the eggplants into not too thin discs and fry them in abundant, hot extravirgin olive oil.

When the discs are golden, put them to drain on absorbent paper.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce: put the leaves a few basil leaves and 1/2 onion in the mixing bowl and chop a few Sec. Speed 7.

Add 40 g extra virgin olive oil and cook 3 Min. 100C Speed 1.

Add 400 g tomato pulp and cook for 20 Min. 100C Speed 1.

When cooked, add salt to taste and mix 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Crumble 250 g of mozzarella with your hands and set aside.

Take a baking dish, make a layer of eggplant, put the mozzarella, some parmesan and finally the sauce on top.

Make the layers that come to you according to the size of your dish.

On the last layer of aubergines put only the sauce and the Parmesan (last).

Bake at 200C about 35 Min. (Static oven), until a nice crust forms.

Let it rest and serve warm or cold


For frying I always use only extravirgin olive oil.

Since eggoplants often have a hard skin, I remove it. And so I can also give it to my daughter who doesn't like seeing "black things on her plate". If you prefer, however, you can also leave the peel.

If you like spicy, you can add chilli to the sauce. We like it very much, but when cooking for children it is not recommended! :-D

To make the dish a little lighter, the already sliced eggplants can be cooked in the Varoma dish20 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 1, pouring 500 g of water into the mug.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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