Brioche Bread Recipe with Thermomix

Brioche Bread Recipe with Thermomix

Here is the recipe for salty brioche bread to make with the Thermomix! Excellent for gastronomic panettone, you can also use it to bake small brioches to be filled as you like.

I recommend: use very strong white flour (in Italy we call it Manitoba flour). It gives the leavened products a lot of softness. ;-)

And don't be scared by the long list of ingredients. As usual, most of the work, and the hardest work, is done by the Thermomix! :-D

I recommend that you cook your own brioche for a picnic with friends or a children's party: you will definitely look great!


For the dough
- 15 g sugar
- 150 g plain flour
- 350 g strong white flour
- 20 g fresh brewer's yeast
- 2 eggs
- One yolk
- 130 g milk
- 150 g soft butter
- One and ½ tsp of fine salt

To polish
- 1 egg

Let's cook

Put in the mixing bowl 15 g sugar, 150 g plain flour, 350 g strong white flour, 20 g of crumbled fresh brewer's yeast, 2 eggs, one yolk, 70 g milk and knead 30 Sec. Dough Mode.

Add 60 g milk and knead 1 Min. Dough Mode.

In a bowl, mix 150 g soft butter with one and ½ tsp fine salt.

Combine half of the butter with the salt in the mixing bowl and knead 5 Min. Dough Mode.

In the first 3 Min., add the rest of the butter a little at a time from the hole in the lid.

Turn the dough out onto a floured work surface, form a ball and place in a bowl to rest at room temperature for 30 Min.

Place the dough in the panettone mold ora a very high mold and let it rise to the edge (about 60 Min.). I put it in the off oven with a saucepan of boiling water next to it.

Remove the dough from the oven and turn it on at 180C.

Brush the surface with a beaten egg and bake for 35 Min.


Prepare the brioche one day in advance and let it rest in the fridge well covered with plastic wrap: it will be easier to cut it. ;-)

If you do not have a panettone mold, prepare the salty brioche using a loaf pan.

With the same dough you can also prepare salty brioches to be stuffed: after resting for 30 Min., Form many balls of the same weight, give them the shape you prefer and let them rise. Bake at 180C for 15 Min.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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